Why Every Futures Trader Should Take A Closer Look at CityTrader

Yes, as an employee of OptionsCity, I'm biased. But having worked in the futures industry for over a decade and having attended countless trading software demonstrations, I know when I see something new and innovative in the fin tech software space. For the most part, innovation is hard to come by with futures trading software. Many leading futures trading software providers have been around for a long time and are entrenched in their legacy systems and user interfaces. CityTrader, on the other hand, benefits from being built from the ground up, giving users the functionalities they want without being stuck with the look and feel of an existing system. In fact, the user interface at CityTrader is based on leading HTML5 software applications that you are likely to see in other industries with more consumer-friendly applications. This fresh approach to a futures trading application results in a platform that is as easy to use as Facebook, Microsoft Word, or a number of native Mac OS applications.

While its UI is strikingly simple, the functionality of CityTrader remains sophisticated, especially when it comes to options on futures and trading spreads. The intuitive UI allows even a novice trader to master the basics of options and futures trading. For more experienced traders, the Greeks, option analytics, drag-and-drop spread building, and the ability to send RFQs make for a robust trading platform, while the City API (a REST-based API upon which CityTrader was built) allows for custom app development. The advantages of an HTML5-based application are numerous including the ability to launch the application from any modern web browser including mobile devices and an easy-to-use back end admin application which should be a sigh of relief for clearing firms and their risk managers. Finally, the cost of the platform makes it a bargain among its competitors and reason enough to take a closer look. Setting up a demo account of CityTrader takes seconds and placing a trade has never been easier.

About CityTrader

CityTrader is an easy-to-use, cloud-based trading platform with advanced full exchagne functionalities, including access spreads, RFQs, futures and options on futures. CityTrader is accessible from modern web browsers, as well as Windows and Mac desktop apps. CityTrader is supported by major clearing firms

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Posted by Iqbal Brainch

VP Marketing & Product Strategy OptionsCity

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