OptionsCity Recognized for Best API at Benzinga Global FinTech Awards

If the capacity crowds at the Benzinga Global FinTech Awards in New York today are any indication, the FinTech community is thriving with innovation and transformation. FinTech has truly become a global phenomenon with over $25 billion invested in the space  in 2016. The Benzinga conference included new upstarts like to financial powerhouses like Fidelity Investments. While the awards ceremony was the highlight of the event with keynote speech by Kevin O'Leary of Shark Tank fame, the entire day presented an opportunity to learn about best practices and new technologies in the financial services space. 
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OptionsCity Improves Trader Workflows with New Metro Smart Links

OptionsCity’s relentless focus on the trader experience has helped make Metro, their flagship platform for low-latency, high performance, options trading, the premier choice for market makers and institutional traders. The Metro development team at OptionsCity has pushed the envelope once again with the introduction of Smart Links in the latest release of Metro.

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Discover What's New in the Latest Metro

OptionsCity's flagship platform Metro is a high performance, server-based professional options trading platform that provides low-latency trade execution, superior options pricing and analytics, and market-leading risk management.  The newest version of Metro that was released last week is hot off the press and we're excited to share a few great new features. In this version, Metro added some major enhancements including:

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OptionsCity Launches CityTrader Mobile, Native iOS Futures and Options Trading Application

CityTrader Mobile, a standalone futures and options trading application, is available now for download from the iTunes App Store.

CHICAGO November 30, 2016  OptionsCity Software, a global provider of electronic trading solutions for professional futures and options traders, today announced a brand new mobile version of its cloud-based futures trading platform, CityTrader. CityTrader Mobile offers the same intuitive functionality as its desktop counterpart, such as futures and options trade execution, custom spread-building and RFQs, with the ease of an on-the-go iPhone application.

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The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.”

I wonder if Greek philosopher Heraclitus was talking about the financial industry when he said this. In this industry, constant change is the norm. Besides the prices themselves being volatile, there are a number of other changes that are occurring with an almost daily frequency. Political decisions dramatically impact the markets. Just look at how the British pound plunged to its lowest level since 1985 after the Brexit vote. New regulations force trading organizations to invest in staff and technology to ensure compliance. Exchanges disappear as a result of consolidation, like in the recent purchase of NYSE/Euronext by ICE, while entire new exchanges are being created, like the Nasdaq Futures exchange. New financial instruments and products are also added at a constant clip, like the addition of weekly Treasury options. Even long standing assumptions on how to price certain financial instruments change overnight, like the introduction of a new method of pricing Energy Strip Strategies. Other less visible changes include shifts in the technology and protocols used to access programmatically the exchange matching engine.


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