Inside Metro: A Q&A with OptionsCity’s CTO, Victor Glava

 Q: Let’s start with a question I am sure you get asked a lot. Why did you and the other founders start OptionsCity?

A: Yes, that's a question I often get asked. At the onset, we had a simple mission: to create the highest performance futures options trading software available on the market. That mission led us to develop the first version of Metro just 16 months after starting the company. And that mission is the same one that drove us to create the latest version of the Metro platform.

Every day we are solving challenging technical problems and pushing the limits of what can and should be done with trading technology. And that is incredibly rewarding.

At the same time, we also wanted to create a great culture where we, as founders, enjoy coming to. We knew that we will be spending a lot of time at work and wanted to make the time in the office as rewarding as possible for everyone involved.

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New Range Established, Tread Carefully and Wait for Clues

There are three types of volatility: Implied, realized, and future. Realized is a measure of how much movement there has been during some time period in the past. Implied volatility is the price of options now, which is in some sense a forecast of what future volatility will be.

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Gold Update by Ben Ryan

August 9, 2015

I just wanted to update what has happened since last post, and why I think copper is worth a close look.

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Debate On Crude-Oil Price Direction Continues

Debate regarding whether or not crude-oil prices have bottomed continues in the market, but the one thing is certain, prices are volatile.

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Nervous Equity Investors Show Fear Through VIX®

Investors were popping champagne bottles at the end of 2014 as the S&P 500 chalked up another year of above average returns, amid fairly low levels of market volatility. But, equity market action in early 2015 suggests a whole new ball game is starting now. Equity market volatility has increased amid heightened uncertainty among investors on the outlook for stocks ahead.

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