The Widget API Lights Up the 2016 UChicago Trading Competition

The 4th Annual UChicago Midwest Trading Competition took place on Saturday, April 9, 2016 at the Chicago Innovation Exchange in Hyde Park, where 25 teams from the nation's top Universities congregated to compete, network, and learn about the electronic trading industry.

This year marks the fourth consecutive year that the OptionsCity Metro platform powered the event, and the first year leveraging the powerful Widget API to produce customized displays to enhance transparency during the competition. Grant Cupps, Director of Product Management from OptionsCity, joined the panel discussion with five other firms, Belvedere Trading, Citadel, DRW Trading, IMC and Optiver.

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Drag-and-drop Spread Building with CityTrader


Creating futures and options spreads for trading has never been easier. CityTrader, the web-based trading platform from OptionsCity, has been built from the ground up so it doesn't try to fit the mold of legacy trading platforms which are often cumbersome and unnecessarily complex. Actually, CityTrader works more like an application you might see on your smart phone - it's pretty intuitive. 

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OptionsCity Rallies Around Student Hackathon

OptionsCity was proud to help sponsor MHacks 6 over the weekend at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. We sent a few engineers to the 36-hour hackathon, and we were blown away by the hacks students were able complete in such a short period. Video games, virtual reality, robots -- you wouldn’t believe it if you weren’t there. We even had the privilege of lending a hand to a few of these students, including 3rd place winner SmartShower!

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New Range Established, Tread Carefully and Wait for Clues

There are three types of volatility: Implied, realized, and future. Realized is a measure of how much movement there has been during some time period in the past. Implied volatility is the price of options now, which is in some sense a forecast of what future volatility will be.

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2014 in Review – A Note from Our CEO

This year, OptionsCity dedicated its efforts to enabling our customers to create their own experience to remain competitive in the options on futures markets. We did this by completely re-envisioning our flagship product, adding to our existing core services, and continuing our global expansion and gave back to the community that has helped us thrive. It was a challenging year that saw us put our heads down and intently focus on our core vision and priorities.

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