OptionsCity BBO Trading App Uncovers Arbitrage Opportunities

Traders using the BBO Trading App for OptionsCity Metro are uncovering potential arbitrage opportunities between similarly listed products across multiple exchanges. The BBO Trading App was launched last year on the City Store, an app marketplace for add-on functionality to Metro, the flagship market-making platform from OptionsCity. The City Store offers a library of downloadable Apps with seamless integration with Metro so users can download apps with no disruption to their trading. 

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New and Improved Advanced Order Widget for OptionsCity Metro

OptionsCity's Advanced Order Widget has been popular with Metro customers since it launched as it allows for futures orders to be submitted based on triggers such as “last trade” or “mid-market price”. The OptionsCity development team has incorporated customer feedback and rolled out a newer version of the widget which now allows for Algo-driven orders such as TWAP (Time Weighted Average Price) orders. These orders allow the trader to set time frames for submitting orders, including time between orders and randomizing the quantity for each order. In addition, traders can now extend orders beyond close of day and keep orders active for multiple days. 
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