Leveraging APIs in the Agricultural Markets

Whether in the Fintech space or in the commodities markets, the use of Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, to scale businesses is becoming a popular strategy. APIs fuel innovation for new applications and make it easier for developers to integrate external data and decrease time to deployment with less overhead. The Fintech space and commodities markets are ripe for such innovation and the increasing availability of APIs are already demonstrating some of the potential opportunities.

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Thomson Reuters Adds Futures and Options Execution Application for Commodities Traders in Eikon

 Commodities traders now able to execute futures and options directly from Thomson Reuters Eikon using OptionsCity Software App, helping eliminate expensive duplicate fees for market data services


NEW YORK/LONDON, July 19, 2016 – Energy and commodities traders can now execute futures and options orders directly from Thomson Reuters Eikon, helping reduce the need to pay for expensive market data fees across multiple platforms without sacrificing functionality. The service is provided through City Execution, a third party app developed by OptionsCity Software and now available via App Studio on Thomson Reuters Eikon.    

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Why Every Futures Trader Should Take A Closer Look at CityTrader

Yes, as an employee of OptionsCity, I'm biased. But having worked in the futures industry for over a decade and having attended countless trading software demonstrations, I know when I see something new and innovative in the fin tech software space. For the most part, innovation is hard to come by with futures trading software. Many leading futures trading software providers have been around for a long time and are entrenched in their legacy systems and user interfaces. CityTrader, on the other hand, benefits from being built from the ground up, giving users the functionalities they want without being stuck with the look and feel of an existing system. In fact, the user interface at CityTrader is based on leading HTML5 software applications that you are likely to see in other industries with more consumer-friendly applications. This fresh approach to a futures trading application results in a platform that is as easy to use as Facebook, Microsoft Word, or a number of native Mac OS applications.

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