OptionsCity Featured in "17 Companies That Are Transforming Industries (and Hiring Now!)"

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Groundbreaking. It’s an adjective that everyone wants, yet very few can actually lay claim to. That is, unless you’re one of these 17 companies that are totally transforming their respective industries.

From shaking up age-old methods to innovating brand new technologies, these companies are the very definition of disrupters—making things bigger and better and constantly challenging the status quo. Best of all, you can be part of one of them: They’re all hiring right now.

OptionsCity is a financial technology company—providing cutting-edge software solutions to simplify electronic trading.

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15 Companies That Will Help You Grow Your Career Like Never Before

Your career is ever-evolving—one day you might love what you do, the next you could realize it’s time to move on.

So don’t you want a job that will not only help you improve as an individual, but set you up for success down the road? Well, these 15 companies love to see their employees learn and grow—from providing tuition reimbursement to organizing events for staffers to interact with big players in their industry.

Plus, they’re all hiring—and you definitely won’t want to miss these amazing opportunities.

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