OptionsCity Spreads Holiday Cheer

We all know how stressful the holiday season can be but having a loved one in the hospital can make it that much more draining. To help these families in need, we at OptionsCity decided to give back to the community this year by holding an office wide Holiday Gift Drive for the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital. Standing in our office lobby is an 8 foot Christmas tree decorated with silver snowflakes and orange flowers, staying true to our OptionsCity colors. This year, the tree was also covered with paper tags. Written on each tag was a description of a gift from the hospital’s holiday Wish List. For two weeks, employees were able to choose a tag and fulfill a child’s wish. Items purchased included board games, coloring books, and art supplies amongst others. Christy Haras, HR manager, was first to choose a tag and donate a stylish nail polish kit to the Gift Drive.

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OptionsCity FIA Winner Enjoys Weekend with a McLaren

Back in October, over 1000 FIA conference attendees entered the OptionsCity drawing for their chance to win a weekend with a McLaren. It was a fitting giveaway for OptionsCity, a trading software company driven by performance and innovation. The lucky winner drawn at random was Tony Feeney, an employee at Societe Generale. Well, we recently received an email back from Tony sharing his weekend experience with the McLaren.  See below for his recap of the weekend. Congrats again Tony!

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The First OptionsCity Pumpkin Decorating Contest

In celebration of Halloween, the OptionsCity team hosted its First Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest in its Chicago office on Friday, October 21st, 2016. Pumpkins and all painting materials were provided on the kitchen table around 2 pm. There were Halloween stickers, green fuzzy pipe cleaners, colorful construction paper and more... All participants were given two hours to complete the contest. Employees submitted their masterpieces to be displayed in the office. All employees were then given a week to choose their favorite and cast their vote. For employees located in New York, Boston and London, photos were sent for all of the submissions, so they could submit an absentee ballot. 

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OptionsCity Unleashes Innovation and Performance at FIA 2016


OptionsCity celebrated its ten year anniversary last week with its largest splash ever at FIA Expo in Chicago. OptionsCity’s industry-leading numbers are impressive (2+ million contracts traded daily, 16 microsecond response times, 15+ global exchanges, 26+ clearing firms, 1000+ users of OptionsCity products globally, and on…) and they drove home their product performance by partnering with another brand that knows something about performance, McLaren. The McLaren 570 GT, with impressive numbers of its own (562 horses, 0-60 in 2.9 seconds), was a fitting complement to the OptionsCity booth. All told, over 1000 conference goers entered for their chance to win a weekend with the McLaren 570S. Even FIA President, Walter Lukken, stopped by to check out the McLaren.
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The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.”

I wonder if Greek philosopher Heraclitus was talking about the financial industry when he said this. In this industry, constant change is the norm. Besides the prices themselves being volatile, there are a number of other changes that are occurring with an almost daily frequency. Political decisions dramatically impact the markets. Just look at how the British pound plunged to its lowest level since 1985 after the Brexit vote. New regulations force trading organizations to invest in staff and technology to ensure compliance. Exchanges disappear as a result of consolidation, like in the recent purchase of NYSE/Euronext by ICE, while entire new exchanges are being created, like the Nasdaq Futures exchange. New financial instruments and products are also added at a constant clip, like the addition of weekly Treasury options. Even long standing assumptions on how to price certain financial instruments change overnight, like the introduction of a new method of pricing Energy Strip Strategies. Other less visible changes include shifts in the technology and protocols used to access programmatically the exchange matching engine.


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