OptionsCity Recognized for Best API at Benzinga Global FinTech Awards

If the capacity crowds at the Benzinga Global FinTech Awards in New York today are any indication, the FinTech community is thriving with innovation and transformation. FinTech has truly become a global phenomenon with over $25 billion invested in the space  in 2016. The Benzinga conference included new upstarts like to financial powerhouses like Fidelity Investments. While the awards ceremony was the highlight of the event with keynote speech by Kevin O'Leary of Shark Tank fame, the entire day presented an opportunity to learn about best practices and new technologies in the financial services space. 
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Traders Are Fleeing the Options Market

Traders fleeing equity options markets while options volume in futures options remains healthy.

By Gunjan Banerji
May 7, 2017 8:00 a.m. ET

Falling volumes and spiraling costs are pushing trading firms out of U.S. options, raising concerns about fragility in a market that investors rely on to protect portfolios.

Trading has dwindled in most areas of the market, and investors and traders are grappling with increasing fragmentation. 

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OptionsCity BBO Trading App Uncovers Arbitrage Opportunities

Traders using the BBO Trading App for OptionsCity Metro are uncovering potential arbitrage opportunities between similarly listed products across multiple exchanges. The BBO Trading App was launched last year on the City Store, an app marketplace for add-on functionality to Metro, the flagship market-making platform from OptionsCity. The City Store offers a library of downloadable Apps with seamless integration with Metro so users can download apps with no disruption to their trading. 

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OptionsCity Selects ChartIQ to Offer Advanced Charting Functionality

CHICAGO – March 29, 2017 – OptionsCity Software, a global provider of futures and options trading and analytics solutions, today announced that it has selected ChartIQ to provide new and improved charting functionality to its entire user base. ChartIQ builds lightweight financial applications that drive capital market innovation. The integration allows OptionsCity to deliver seamless charting through its futures and options trading platforms. OptionsCity CityTrader customers will be the first to benefit from the charting functionality as the firm expects the charting capability to be added to its web-based platform in the coming weeks.

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OptionsCity Improves Trader Workflows with New Metro Smart Links

OptionsCity’s relentless focus on the trader experience has helped make Metro, their flagship platform for low-latency, high performance, options trading, the premier choice for market makers and institutional traders. The Metro development team at OptionsCity has pushed the envelope once again with the introduction of Smart Links in the latest release of Metro.

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