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From Advantage Futures' InsideAdvantage issue on Futures Trading Software:

Founders of OptionsCity began with two objectives: Create an enjoyable workplace and build great software. OptionsCity, since inception, pushes the limits of their software trading technology.

OptionsCity upgraded both the functionality and performance of Metro, their flagship market making platform. Additionally, they expanded their product portfolio this past year with new offerings for professional and retail traders.

Metro offers options pricing and analytics with the ability to set skews, analyze Greeks and execute trades both manually and algorithmically. The latest version provides enhanced functionality for energy traders and improved performance for those looking to stream quotes and make markets. The platform offers hosted servers in colocation facilities near supported exchange matching engines. Additionally, OptionsCity’s City Store and the Freeway API allow for custom application development for additional analytics and trading functionality. Metro is available with various pricing bundles.

New this year, OptionsCity CityTrader enables web-based execution of futures and options on futures products. The platform is available through any internet browser and offers some of the advanced options functionality of Metro including spread trading and the ability to submit RFQs. The accompanying REST-based City API allows traders to develop custom trading solutions using the same real-time market data and position management tools available in CityTrader. At a price point of $50/month plus execution fees, the platform delivers excellent performance for less latency sensitive traders who still require advanced functionality.

The latest product offering from OptionsCity is City Execution, a futures and options execution application built directly into the Thomson Reuters news and analytics platform, Eikon. Eikon clients can realize significant savings by eliminating a third party platform and accompanying market data fees. City Execution integrates seamlessly into Eikon so the user experience feels native to the application.

OptionsCity’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation have established the firm as a contender in the options trading space. With their new set of products, OptionsCity makes a compelling case for futures traders.

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OptionsCity Software powers the trading, risk management and analytics needs of professional futures and options traders, market-makers, introducing brokers and financial institutions worldwide. OptionsCity’s diverse suite of powerful tools includes Metro, its flagship electronic trading and market-making platform, and Freeway, an automated trading engine designed to build, test, and deploy algorithms and custom trading strategies. OptionsCity also offers a cloud-based futures trading platform, CityTrader, with its REST-based, easy-to-implement City API for accessing futures and options market data and analytics. OptionsCity's latest offering, City Execution, allows Thomson Reuters Eikon users to execute futures and options trades seamlessly from within Eikon.

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