OptionsCity BBO Trading App Uncovers Arbitrage Opportunities

Traders using the BBO Trading App for OptionsCity Metro are uncovering potential arbitrage opportunities between similarly listed products across multiple exchanges. The BBO Trading App was launched last year on the City Store, an app marketplace for add-on functionality to Metro, the flagship market-making platform from OptionsCity. The City Store offers a library of downloadable Apps with seamless integration with Metro so users can download apps with no disruption to their trading. 

The BBO Trading App was originally conceived around the introduction of the NASDAQ Futures exchange allowing traders to trade best priced options on 3 different commodity exchanges with one order. This type of “sweep” order is typically used in equity markets when traders have an opinion on volatility, allowing the trader to take out a significant amount of volume at a certain level.

Recently, OptionsCity traders using the BBO Trading App have uncovered arb opportunities between the BZO (Brent on the CME Group) and BRN (Brent on ICE) especially when strikes were being quoted incorrectly on one of the exchanges. The BBO Trading App can be configured with virtual symbols setup on Metro simplifying trading on multiple exchanges. While energy markets are a natural fit for the BBO Trading App, any similarly listed products on multiple exchanges can be traded in a similar fashion.  

The BBO Trading App is available to Metro customers through the City Store at a price of $400/month. More information is available here -


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Posted by OptionsCity Software

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