Options on Futures Volumes See Significant Growth in Israel

As we drive from Ben Gurion Airport to Tel Aviv Beach for the FOW Derivatives Israel conference, we get a first-hand view of the physical growth of Tel Aviv with cranes and construction sites clearly indicating that this city is going through a rapid expansion. What may be less obvious is that Tel Aviv has also become an important hub for derivatives trading. It was no coincidence then that the first FOW Derivatives Israel conference drew significant participation from global exchanges, clearing firms, and software vendors.

The innovation and tech scene in Tel Aviv has long been a source of pride. Over the past few years, the FinTech space here has been enlarging behind a high frequency and algorithmic prop trading community. Panel discussants at FOW Israel focused on opportunities in global markets, especially that in Israel. CME Group noted that Israel has become the second largest source of futures and options volume in EMEA after the U.K.

As a major provider of options volumes at CME, the OptionsCity Metro platform shows strong demand in Israel. The quick time to deployment and the long history of supporting Chicago prop traders makes OptionsCity a natural software platform for the prop trading and market making community in Israel. We appreciate the opportunity to make a continued impact in this flourishing market.

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