Metro's Features For Energy Traders

OptionsCity's high performance options trading platform Metro gives traders and market makers the tools they need to trade energy products across multiple exchanges including CME Group, ICE and Nasdaq NFX

Risk and Position Manager
This matrix report allows users to view risk variables at predefined price and volatility intervals. This report could be considered the ‘what if’ report as the values that are reflected show the configured variables if certain scenarios occur.



Volatility Adjustment Tool
Drift rules allow users to highlight displayed rows in the Volatility Adjust Tool according to ranges set by the user. The range is in terms of volatility only, regardless if the tool is displaying Volatility, Straddle or other values.



Strip Pricing
Strip pricing determines how a Trade Sheet will price an option strategy that is considered a strip (buying or selling multiple instruments of the same strike/strategy for consecutive months). The CME prices energy strips as an average price as opposed to most strips which are priced as a sum of prices. Two trade sheets configured differently will price the strategy differently.



Chat Integration
OptionsCity Metro integrates with both CME Messenger and ICE Chat, which makes it easier for users to manage their instant message workflow, extract and organize market information, respond to customers, and set real-time alerts.




BBO Order Router App
The new BBO Order Router App is one of the best execution apps for trading energy futures and options. It facilitates trading between all three exchanges (CME Group, ICE, and Nasdaq NFX) by allowing traders to trade, with one order, across multiple exchanges. Users have the ability to set up exchange priorities for different products and can also disable an exchange on a per product basis. Users are able to select a specific trading account for orders to an exchange per product.



About Metro

Metro is a high performance server-based options trading platform that allows users to build and buy, taking advanced off-the-shelf software and adding a growing library of custom in-house Apps. It comes out-of-the-box with traditional Metro Apps, such as options pricing, risk management and execution, and allows users to access and download an expanding catalog of Apps from the City Store.


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OptionsCity Software powers the trading, risk management and analytics needs of professional futures and options traders, market-makers, introducing brokers and financial institutions worldwide. OptionsCity’s diverse suite of powerful tools includes Metro, its flagship electronic trading and market-making platform, and Freeway, an automated trading engine designed to build, test, and deploy algorithms and custom trading strategies. OptionsCity also offers a cloud-based futures trading platform, CityTrader, with its REST-based, easy-to-implement City API for accessing futures and options market data and analytics. OptionsCity's latest offering, City Execution, allows Thomson Reuters Eikon users to execute futures and options trades seamlessly from within Eikon.

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