Drag-and-drop Spread Building with CityTrader


Creating futures and options spreads for trading has never been easier. CityTrader, the web-based trading platform from OptionsCity, has been built from the ground up so it doesn't try to fit the mold of legacy trading platforms which are often cumbersome and unnecessarily complex. Actually, CityTrader works more like an application you might see on your smart phone - it's pretty intuitive. 


I particularly like the drag-and-drop ease with which you can build spreads. Exchange listed spreads are easy enough to access from the "Spreads" drop down and a simple click fills your order ticket. Or, you can just drag two contracts over to the "Build" tab and it automatically lets you know if the spread is listed on the exchange. If not, you can always RFQ it right from within the order ticket. The ease of which these instruments can be traded should help fuel their adoption among active individual traders around the world. 


 Click below to try a demo of CityTrader. It only takes a few seconds to set up your account.

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Posted by Iqbal Brainch

VP Marketing & Product Strategy OptionsCity

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