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OptionsCity's flagship platform Metro is a high performance, server-based professional options trading platform that provides low-latency trade execution, superior options pricing and analytics, and market-leading risk management.  The newest version of Metro that was released last week is hot off the press and we're excited to share a few great new features. In this version, Metro added some major enhancements including:

  • Added the ability to decompose APO underlying positions.
  • Users can view the P/L impact of new volatility parameters before publishing.
  • The Reconciliation Wizard will now reconcile by position and account.
  • Users can now adjust all positions when reconciling positions.
  • Add the ability to create a new job instance via the Job Control panel.
  • Added CLOSEPRICE as a Market Topic for Excel Integration.
  • Instruments that cannot be traded (synthetic strategies) can now be filtered from the Metro user interface.

Smart Links

Metro's new Smart Link functionality allows users to create layouts with views that work in tandem.  Simply group the relevant windows together and the context of those views will automatically update based on your actions in one of the linked windows.  Want to automatically filter the Exchange Trades view based on what you select in the RFQ viewer? Want to have the Book Depth view update whenever you click an instrument in one of your proprietary Metro Apps?  Both of those tasks are easy and require no development work with Metro Smart Links. 



Edge Protection

Users can now better manage their working orders with Metro's new Edge Protection functionality.  When placing an order, users can now set an edge limit that will cause Metro to automatically attempt to cancel the order if the abs(market price - theoretical price) > edge limit.  By default, the edge limit will be taken from the product settings in Quote Edge settings, but it can be overridden on the order ticket.



Strike Report with Delta Spans

Metro's Risk and Position Manager now allows users to view inventory by strike or delta span across several months at a time with the new Strike Report tab.  If a user wants to see the detailed positions that are aggregated in this report, he or she can simply click on a cell to see a list of all included positions. 




To learn more about Metro and its features please contact us at To request a Metro demo please click here.  


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OptionsCity Software powers the trading, risk management and analytics needs of professional futures and options traders, market-makers, introducing brokers and financial institutions worldwide. OptionsCity’s diverse suite of powerful tools includes Metro, its flagship electronic trading and market-making platform, and Freeway, an automated trading engine designed to build, test, and deploy algorithms and custom trading strategies. OptionsCity also offers a cloud-based futures trading platform, CityTrader, with its REST-based, easy-to-implement City API for accessing futures and options market data and analytics. OptionsCity's latest offering, City Execution, allows Thomson Reuters Eikon users to execute futures and options trades seamlessly from within Eikon.

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