City Execution Adds Market Depth Viewer to Eikon

OptionsCity’s City Execution, recently featured in "3 Great New Eikon Apps in 2017" by Thomson Reuters, has added a market depth viewer to their futures trading platform. The market depth viewer had been requested by many Eikon customers for a more complete view of futures markets. The market depth view provides a vertical view of the current order book on a single price scale. Bids are shown in the blue column, and asks are shown in the red column. As a trade is executed, the trade size is indicated alongside the price on the ladder. Market depth is useful for identifying future support and resistance levels as traders can determine if there are more sell orders in the market than buy orders or vice versa. 


City Execution on Eikon launched last year as an add-on application for Thomson Reuters Eikon. The application allows for futures trade execution directly within Eikon so that users are able to avoid additional costs of a third party trading platform. In addition, traders can realize significant cost savings from a market data standpoint as they are able to leverage market data within the Eikon platform. The platform currently supports CME Globex, ICE US and ICE Europe as well as Nasdaq Nordic and EEX exchanges. OptionsCity continues to add functionality to the platform based on ongoing customer feedback. 


For a free demo of City Execution, Eikon users can download the trial application from the App Studio within Eikon. More information about City Execution is also available here


Posted by OptionsCity Software

OptionsCity Software powers the trading, risk management and analytics needs of professional futures and options traders, market-makers, introducing brokers and financial institutions worldwide. OptionsCity’s diverse suite of powerful tools includes Metro, its flagship electronic trading and market-making platform, and Freeway, an automated trading engine designed to build, test, and deploy algorithms and custom trading strategies. OptionsCity also offers a cloud-based futures trading platform, CityTrader, with its REST-based, easy-to-implement City API for accessing futures and options market data and analytics. OptionsCity's latest offering, City Execution, allows Thomson Reuters Eikon users to execute futures and options trades seamlessly from within Eikon.

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