The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.”

I wonder if Greek philosopher Heraclitus was talking about the financial industry when he said this. In this industry, constant change is the norm. Besides the prices themselves being volatile, there are a number of other changes that are occurring with an almost daily frequency. Political decisions dramatically impact the markets. Just look at how the British pound plunged to its lowest level since 1985 after the Brexit vote. New regulations force trading organizations to invest in staff and technology to ensure compliance. Exchanges disappear as a result of consolidation, like in the recent purchase of NYSE/Euronext by ICE, while entire new exchanges are being created, like the Nasdaq Futures exchange. New financial instruments and products are also added at a constant clip, like the addition of weekly Treasury options. Even long standing assumptions on how to price certain financial instruments change overnight, like the introduction of a new method of pricing Energy Strip Strategies. Other less visible changes include shifts in the technology and protocols used to access programmatically the exchange matching engine.


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Doritos Locos Tacos or New Coke: 7 Steps to Reinvent Your Flagship Product

The Doritos Locos Taco has been hailed as a genius reinvention of the taco – it combined two things that many of the company’s core customers wanted, before they even knew it. In the quarter after the company launched Doritos Locos, Taco Bell’s same-store sales increased 13 percent. Such is the case with successful product reinventions.

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Don’t Take That Developer Job Without Asking These 5 Questions

It’s a tough job market out there for young people, with estimates that 44 percent of college grads are underemployed. If you are a young developer, the market is certainly much better than that, but it is nonetheless still a challenge to find the right opportunity, one that will allow you to make a strategic impact, become a better developer and reward you for key contributions.

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