Why Every Futures Trader Should Take A Closer Look at CityTrader

Yes, as an employee of OptionsCity, I'm biased. But having worked in the futures industry for over a decade and having attended countless trading software demonstrations, I know when I see something new and innovative in the fin tech software space. For the most part, innovation is hard to come by with futures trading software. Many leading futures trading software providers have been around for a long time and are entrenched in their legacy systems and user interfaces. CityTrader, on the other hand, benefits from being built from the ground up, giving users the functionalities they want without being stuck with the look and feel of an existing system. In fact, the user interface at CityTrader is based on leading HTML5 software applications that you are likely to see in other industries with more consumer-friendly applications. This fresh approach to a futures trading application results in a platform that is as easy to use as Facebook, Microsoft Word, or a number of native Mac OS applications.

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New and Improved Watch List Functionality in CityTrader

The CityTrader team has been busy making improvements to the platform based on feedback from traders. Recently, the "Watch List" functionality has been updated to allow traders to track multiple different watch lists grouped together by the user. Also, within each watch list you can rearrange products with a quick drag-and-drop of items. CityTrader continues to be one of the easiest platforms to trade futures, options on futures products and spreads. Check out the video below to get a better sense of how watch lists works with the CityTrader platform.

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Drag-and-drop Spread Building with CityTrader


Creating futures and options spreads for trading has never been easier. CityTrader, the web-based trading platform from OptionsCity, has been built from the ground up so it doesn't try to fit the mold of legacy trading platforms which are often cumbersome and unnecessarily complex. Actually, CityTrader works more like an application you might see on your smart phone - it's pretty intuitive. 

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