OptionsCity’s City API Nominated for 2016 Chicago Innovation Award

Four years ago, we were honored when OptionsCity’s Freeway, the firm’s breakthrough multi-asset algorithmic trading platform, won a 2012 Chicago Innovation Award.

This year, we are pleased to announce that City API has been nominated for our second Chicago Innovation Award. Like it was for Freeway in 2012, the competition for the final award will be challenging, with 643 nominees competing for fewer than 15 awards.

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Inside Metro: A Q&A with OptionsCity’s CTO, Victor Glava

 Q: Let’s start with a question I am sure you get asked a lot. Why did you and the other founders start OptionsCity?

A: Yes, that's a question I often get asked. At the onset, we had a simple mission: to create the highest performance futures options trading software available on the market. That mission led us to develop the first version of Metro just 16 months after starting the company. And that mission is the same one that drove us to create the latest version of the Metro platform.

Every day we are solving challenging technical problems and pushing the limits of what can and should be done with trading technology. And that is incredibly rewarding.

At the same time, we also wanted to create a great culture where we, as founders, enjoy coming to. We knew that we will be spending a lot of time at work and wanted to make the time in the office as rewarding as possible for everyone involved.

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Leveraging APIs in the Agricultural Markets

Whether in the Fintech space or in the commodities markets, the use of Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, to scale businesses is becoming a popular strategy. APIs fuel innovation for new applications and make it easier for developers to integrate external data and decrease time to deployment with less overhead. The Fintech space and commodities markets are ripe for such innovation and the increasing availability of APIs are already demonstrating some of the potential opportunities.

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Thomson Reuters Adds Futures and Options Execution Application for Commodities Traders in Eikon

 Commodities traders now able to execute futures and options directly from Thomson Reuters Eikon using OptionsCity Software App, helping eliminate expensive duplicate fees for market data services


NEW YORK/LONDON, July 19, 2016 – Energy and commodities traders can now execute futures and options orders directly from Thomson Reuters Eikon, helping reduce the need to pay for expensive market data fees across multiple platforms without sacrificing functionality. The service is provided through City Execution, a third party app developed by OptionsCity Software and now available via App Studio on Thomson Reuters Eikon.    

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Java vs. C++ Performance Face-Off, Part II

At OptionsCity we take engineering very seriously. All aspects of our software undergo rigorous analysis for performance, security, stability, and flexibility. We are staffed by highly experienced software developers with decades of industry experience. We realize that extensive functionality does not come without costs, but we feel these costs are justified, and just as no sane person would buy a car without airbags to reduce weight in order to go faster, we won’t sacrifice stability or offer stripped down functionality in pursuit of performance. That being said, we believe our platform offers “real world” performance on par with any competitor and we welcome any valid test comparison. 

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